Spongebob Burger Shooting

        In this very exciting Spongebob Burger Shooting Games For Kids, try your best to shoot all the burgers and cheese so Spongebob Squarepants can gather as many cooking burgers with cheese as his dinner food.  Use your arrows wisely as you only got 18 arrows available for use at each level. […]

Spongebob Food Shooting Game

        Play this very Spongebob Food Shooting Game For Kids where you get to shoot similar food items such as burgers, french fries, and hotdogs that are together and near each other.  Shoot as many similar cooking recipes and earn bonus points in this very exciting and addicting Spongebob Food Shooting Game. […]

Spongebob Burger

        Make some big and tasty burgers with Spongebob Burger Games For Kids.  All you have to do is to help and assist Spongebob Squarepants in servicing and catering to these very hungry customers inside the Krusty Krab Restaurant.  Help him to impress Mr.Krab by delivering all the orders in a timely […]

Spongebob Cooking Recipe

        In this very exciting and thrilling Spongebob Cooking Recipe Games For Kids, help Spongebob Squarepants and his best friend Patrick to retrieve the secret recipe of Mr. Krab from the sinister plankton.  Get the secret cooking recipe before the Krusty Krab opens to service the customers.  Catch this evil plankton before […]

Spongebob Squarepants Dinner

        Play this very entertaining yet very educational Spongebob Squarepants Dinner Puzzle Games For Kids.  Spongebob is going out for a Hearty Dinner at the park.  Use your brain to complete this Spongebob Squarepants Dinner Puzzle Game by arranging these puzzle pieces and placing them on their corresponding places to complete this […]

Spongebob Squarepants Burger

        Do you love eating burgers of all kinds?  Do you love big, juicy,and tastyburgers -hamburgers,chicken burgers, veggie burgers?  In this very exciting Spongebob Squarepants Burger Games For Kids, you get to help Spongebob Squarepants in making the best tasting burgers in town.  In this very fun Spongebob Cooking Games, try your […]

Spongebob Cooking Patty Games

        Play with Spongebob Squarepants in this very funny and entertaining Spongebob Cooking Games For Kids.  Help Spongebob in managing the Krusty Krab Inn.  Wait for Squidward at the window then quickly get the Krabby Patties ready for the customers.  Help Spongebob in cooking the best tasting burgers in town. This Spongebob […]

Spongebob Squarepants Games Online

        Enjoy playing this very interesting Spongebob Adventure with Spongebob Squarepants Games Online For Kids.  Both Patrick and his best friend Spongebob Squarepants are very hungry that they decided to go get themselves some juicy and tasty burgers.  Help Spongebob and Patrick in collecting as many tasty burgers as they can so […]

Spongebob Squarepant Games

        This is one of the most entertaining and interesting Spongebob Squarepant Games Online For Kids.  In this very fun and relaxing Spongebob Games For Kids,try your best to dodge all these fresh tomatoes that are used in cooking these tasty burgers.  Avoid as many tomatoes as you can possible can to […]

Play Free Spongebob Games Online

        Play Free Spongebob Games Online For Kids.  In this very fun and interesting Spongebob Cooking Games, you get to help Spongebob Squarepants in grabbing food inside the Krusty Krab Inn.  Grab the needed number of ingredients and food within the given time frame while avoiding touching the bananas.  Good Luck and […]

Sea Horse Hunt

        This little seahorse is in need of some help. Larger fishes are trying to invade and destroy its little home.  Help him in protecting his tiny and humble abode by shooting all incoming fishes.  Remember that you only have limited ammunition so use your bullets wisely. In this very thrilling Sea […]

Fish Hunt

        In this very addicting and very funny Animal Hunting Game For Kids, help this cute tabby cat as he tries to go for a Fish Hunt Adventure.  Help this clever tabby cat to complete a series of tasks so he can get to the golden fish bowl.  In this Fishing Hunt, […]

Baby Elephant Hunt

      The African Savannah had been ravaged by illegal poachers and they have been hunting elephants and shooting elephants for their very expensive ivory tusks without the knowledge of the African police authorities.  As a concerned volunteer for an environmental institution,you have been tasked to help in saving these baby elephants that have […]

Hunt Penguins

      Join the excitement and fun of hunting penguins in the Antarctic Region.  Do you have what it takes to survive the cold and chilly winter nights in this coldest place on Earth?  If so,then start hunting and shooting down any penguin that you see roaming in the icy snow. These penguins are […]

Dragon Hunt

        Would you want to go on a Dragon Hunting Adventure?  If yes,then join us in playing this Dragon Hunt Game where you get to experience living during the Medieval Ages.  In this very exciting and very daring Animal Hunting Games for Kids,you get to hunt down all the dragons that are […]

Hunt Penguin

        Do you love to hunt penguins?  Join us in playing this very exciting Penguin Hunting Game for Kids.  These penguins are planning to attack the town because of the environmental damage that men had caused to their habitat.  They even disguised themselves to look like Super Heroes such as Superman, Spiderman, […]


        Enjoy the mousehunt game by helping these cute white mice to get to the tasty cheddar cheese that are scattered allover the place.  Make sure to help these mices to avoid any incoming cat who is also hunting for a mouse to eat.  Learn how to be evasive and plan your […]

Squirrel Hunt

        A family of pesky squirrels have invaded your little tiny home.  Now,they have eaten much of your food that were stored in the pantry.  Use your shooting rifle and even your best shooting gun to get rid of these pesky little vermints.  Ready, Aim, and Shoot!!!  Do you have the sharpest […]

Monster Hunt

        Join the thrill and the excitement of this Monster Hunt Games for Kids.  Use your bow and arrow to shoot at any incoming monsters that will try to come near you.  Enjoy playing this very fun Monster Shooting Game For Kids.  Demonstrate your hunting skills and shooting capabilities to bring down […]

Burger Food Shop

        Help Lora in managing her newly opened Burger Food Shop.  Serve tasty and juicy burgers to your customers in a timely and orderly fashion without panicking.  Try to make a good impression on the customers by providing them the best tasty and juicy burgers and offering them the best customer service […]

Turkey Burger Cooking

        Your Burger Restaurant is introducing these newest and healthiest Turkey Burger Cooking to the public.  You will have to prepare and serve these Turkey Burgers according to the request of your new customers.  Make sure to manage your time wisely so you can give our customers the best burgers that they […]

Burger Joint Cooking

        Working at a Burger Restaurant or at a Burger Joint Cooking can be very challenging yet can also be very rewarding as well.  If you are a very people-friendly person and an out going individual, you will surely love and enjoy working in a fast food or in a restaurant.  You […]

Burger Food Point

        At this Burger Food Point, try your best to memorize the given list of food ingredients and then try your best to prepare a tasty and juicy burger within a given time time.  Do you have the sharp mind and keen memory to remember all the given food ingredients to make […]

Burger Eatery

        Do you want to be a Fast Food Franchise Owner or a Restaurant Owner one of these days?  If your answer is yes, then let us start learning and practicing how to manage this very busy Burger Eatery.  Practice your time management skills and organization.  Let us see how well you […]

5 Guys Burgers

        Do you want to work at a fast food joint such as 5 Guys Burgers, McDonalds, Burger King, or Wendy’s Restaurant? If so, then start practicing your catering, cooking, and serving skills by making sure that your customers are get the wonderful service that they deserve. In this great 5 Guys […]

Burger Kind Cooking

        In this very entertaining Burger Cooking Games For Kids, learn the different Burger Kind cooking from simple hamburgers, chicken burgers, turkey burgers, to the more complex preparation of cheeseburgers and veggie burgers as well.  In this Burger Kind Cooking Game, use your creative imagination and your burger kind cooking skills to […]

Steak Burger Cook World

        Do you want to dominate the Steak Burger Cook World?  Do you have what it takes to rise up above the challenge and conquer this Steak Burger Cooking Challenge?  If your answer is yes, then let us get started now.  In this Steak Burger Cook World,  your time management ability and […]

Burger Restaurant Cooking

        Do you got what it takes to manage this very elegant Burger Restaurant Cooking?  Remember that time is of the essence in catering to your valued customers.  Make sure that the incoming customers get the best customer service experience that they deserve.  Bring their orders promptly in a timely first come, […]

Juicy Burger Cooking

          Do you love eating juicy burgers of  all types?  Do you enjoy eating juicy Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Veggie Burgers, Chicken Burgers, Turkey Burgers, and more???  Do you love eating your Burgers with Fries?  If you love eating juicy burgers, then you will totally love playing this very entertaining Juicy Burger Cooking Games […]

Burger Mania

        Are you fond of eating hamburgers with french fries?  Do you love cooking and eating burgers at the comfort of your own homes?  If Yes is your answer, then you will not have any difficulty in playing this Burger Mania Matching Game For Kids.  Join us in playing this very educational […]

Chicken Hunt

        The Chicken Hunt for this Thanksgiving Day had just began!!!  Shoot as many chickens as you can within the allowable time frame and win for yourself some bonus points and a Hunting Trophy as a reward for your hunting efforts and shooting skills.  Learn the art of hunting chicken and bird […]

Duck Hunt Reloaded

        Don’t you just love the Duck Hunting Season?  It is time to get geared up and head straight for the marshes!  Keep still with your head bowed down low so the flying ducks won’t spot you from your hiding place. Use your duck hunting skills and duck shooting strategies to bring […]

Lion King Numbers Hunt

      Play this very educational The Lion King Numbers Hunt Game for Kids to help you to familiarize yourself with the numbers and numerals.  Join us in playing this Lion King Number Counting Games For Preschoolers.  In this Lion King Game, you need to search and find all the hidden numbers in this […]

Lion King Dress Up

      The Lion King Mufasa, Simba’s father is going to held the grandest feast for the whole jungle.  He needed to be in his best suit attire in preparation for this upcoming Grand Jungle Party Celebration.   In this very colorful and trendy Lion King Dress Up Game for Kids, use your creativity and […]

Timon And Pumbaa Coloring

      Join The Lion King Simba’s Friends- Timon and Pumbaa in this very fun and exciting Online Coloring Book Game for Kids.  Use your creativity and imaginative minds in coming up with the most brilliant combination of rainbow colors.  In Timon And Pumbaa Coloring, you get to demonstrate your painting and coloring skills […]

Lion King Sort My Tiles

        The Lion King with Mufasa and Simba together with Rafiki The Shaman.  Enjoy playing this very educational game for kids of all ages.  Try your best to figure out completing this very entertaining yet very tricky The Lion King Sort My Tiles Games.  Use your keen sense of memory and your […]

The Lion King Memory

        In this very educational The Lion King Memory Game, can you help Simba and his friends Timon and Pumbaa to recall the pictures and photos taken from Walt Disney’s The Lion King in their correct order and sequence?  If you have a very keen memory, then come and try playing this […]

Lion King: Simba’s Pride

          In this very addicting Lion King: Simba’s Pride Game, you get to show your love and care for the animals by trying to save them from being eaten by the crocodiles.  Think wisely and act quickly before the animals start falling off the trees one by one.  Save them before […]

The Lion King Online Coloring

        The Lion King Online Coloring Game allows you to test your color combination skills and your creativity when it comes to painting and drawing.  Try your very best to put on the best colors that is suitable for The Lion King – Simba.  Paint Simba in the most magnificent and majestic […]

Puzzle Mania Lion King

        Try your best to put all the pieces together to come up with the picture perfect Puzzle Mania Lion King.  Use your keen eyes and sharp mind in matching the correct puzzle pieces and shapes to their respective places to complete The Lion King Picture Frame. Will you be able to […]

The Lion King Puzzle

    Do you have what it takes to complete this puzzle of The Lion King?  Will you be able to finish this The Lion King Puzzle within the shortest time possible?  Come and try your luck in solving this very brain twisting puzzle The Lion King. Use your analytical skills to solve The Lion […]

The Lion King

        One of my favorite Disney Cartoon Movies is The Lion King -a story that deals about family,friendship, and blossoming romance that brings us to the never ending circle of life.  In this very addicting Spot The Difference The Lion King Game, test your skill in searching for the very insignificant differences […]

Dragon Fight

          You will have a blast playing this Dragon Fight Game for Kids since it is totally cool and outrageous.  Dragon Fight brings us back to the Medieval Ages where there are terrifying and majestic dragons that roam the Kingdoms and the lands far and wide. In this Animal Fighting Game, […]

Fighting Cat Wars

        You will totally get addicted in playing this super cool and super fun Fighting Cat Wars Games For Kids of All Ages.  In this very thrilling animal fighting games for kids, help this robotic cat to defeat all the martians that he comes in contact with before they take him down […]

Bunny Fights

        The tiny bunnies in the forest are having a hard time searching for food to eat because the green butterflies are so overpopulated that they are eating most of the vegetation.  Now that there is food shortage in the forest, the bunnies have to take a radical action in order to […]

Bear Fighting Arena

        Learn the fine art of fighting inside an Arena with this very entertaining Bear Fighting Arena Games For Kids.  Demonstrate your Bear Prowess inside the arena by showcasing your ultimate strength and power in animal fighting games.  Wrestle with the mightiest and strongest bears and test the limits of your own […]

Saving and Cleaning Animals

      Learn the art of Saving and Cleaning Animals in this Animal Cleaning Games for Kids.  These animals have been exposed to oil spills that have spread in the depths of the ocean floor.  This poor and unlucky dog had thick oil all over his fur and is in dire need of a […]

Giraffe Cleaning

      Do you love Zoo Animals?  Do you like the exotic Wildlife found in the African Jungles and in the Savannah?  If so, then you will not have a difficulty in helping the Zoo Keeper with regards Giraffe Cleaning.  The giraffe is so tall that he had a hard time in bathing, grooming, […]

Lovely Pony Cleaning

      You will surely love playing this very fun and wonderful Lovely Pony Cleaning Games For Girls.  If you want to learn the very basic steps in Pony Grooming, Pony Cleaning, and Pony Rearing then try playing this very educational animal cleaning games for Kids.  Just make sure to keep your pony healthy, […]

Cat Cleaning

      In this Cat Cleaning Games for Boys and Girls, learn the basic techniques in cleaning cats and little feline animals.  Enjoy this very entertaining and interesting animal cleaning game where you get to show your utmost care and affection for your cats by giving them the best bubble baths that will relax […]

Hog Hunter

      The Hog Hunting Season had just began.  As one of the best Hog Hunters, you have been asked to join the Hog Hunting Competition.  Your main hunting objective as a hog hunter is to shoot as many pigs as you can.  So take your best shooting rifle or shotgun with you and […]

Dora Dog Cleaning

      Dora The Explorer and her best friend Boots found astray dog while going home from school.  Can you help Dora and Boots in helping this poor little pup to get cleaned up before their Mother arrives home?  Use your animal cleaning knowledge and skills to help in the bathing, cleaning, and grooming […]

Poodle Cleaning

        Do you love toy dogs, small dogs,and cute furry poodles, chihuahua, cocker spaniel and more?  If you love these kind of special dog breeds, then this Poodle Cleaning Game for Kids is the perfect animal cleaning games that is just right for you.  Join us in learning how to properly take […]

Cute Puppy Cleaning

      This very cute and smart little poodle is in need of a thorough Cute Puppy Cleaning Treatment.  As the Assistant to the Pet Shop Owner, try your best to demonstrate your skills and knowledge in taking care of these furry animal friends.  Try to give them the best care and pampering treatment […]

Sweet Kitty Cleaning

      This super sweet kitty is in need of your best care, love, and affection.  In this very fun Sweet Kitty Cleaning Game for Girls, try your best to pamper her with tender loving care by giving her a sweet bubble bath delight.  Use the best animal shampoo to lather her hair with […]

Polar Bear Hunting

          It is Polar Bear Hunting Season in the North Pole.  The polar bears population have risen and there is scarcity in terms of food and resources.  It is up to you as the experienced Polar Bear Hunter to bring down their number to a manageable size.  Enjoy this Polar Bear […]

Horse Cleaning Salon

      You will definitely love to play this very entertaining Horse Cleaning Salon Game For Girls, learn the fine art of Horse Cleaning and Maintenance of the Good Hygiene and Proper Diet of Horses. Help Emily in cleaning all the horses that come and go into the Horse Cleaning Salon.  Make sure to […]

Baby Pony Cleaning

      This very cute and adorable baby pony is too young to take care of herself.  Help her to get a Baby Pony Cleaning by giving her a wonderful baby bubble bath. Clean her soft baby hair with sweet smelling soap and lukewarm water.  Rinse her smooth fur with the running water until […]

Cat Cleaning in Bath

This wonderful blue-eyed Siamese Cat is in need of a sweet smelling bubble bath.  In this Cat Cleaning in Bath Game for Kids, use your cat cleaning skills to treat her wounds and her monthly animal vaccination treatment.  Then give this very cuddly and loveable kitten a nice warm bath before allowing her fur to […]

Girl and Pony Dress Up

    You will truly love playing this very entertaining and very colorful Girl and Pony Dress Up Game for Girls.  Choose from a wide variety  of fashionable and trendy dresses, clothes, and pretty outfits accentuated by lavishly decorated shoes and sparkly accessories.  Have fun mixing and matching different outfits with varying sizes, colors, shapes, […]

Fantasy Unicorn Dress Up

    You will definitely love playing this very magical Fantasy Unicorn Dress Up Game for Girls because it is very colorful and filled with bright rainbow colors.  Choose the perfect color combinations that will match the unicorn’s dress up with her little princess friend.  Dress both of them in the most brilliant and vibrant […]

Stylish Horse Dress Up

      In this very modern and chic Stylish Horse Dress Up, you have been assigned to help this young Equestrian in choosing the perfect combination of clothes and outfits that will help her to feel confident about her horseback riding skills.  Help this young maiden to look her very best before she goes […]

Jockey Horse Dress Up

    For this Jockey Horse Dress Up Game For Girls, help this young Jockey Contestant as she tries her best to prepare and get dressed appropriately for her next Horse Riding Contest.  Help this blonde Cowgirl who plays Jockey to have the best dressup with the right riding breeches, Cowgirl shoes, and protective helmet […]

Girls Horse Dress Up

    On this Girls Horse Dress Up Game, use your imagination and creative mind in coming up with the perfect horse dressup that is fit for a little girl’s fantasy dreams.  Help this little girl to transform her white Arabian horse into a majestic horse that is fit for a little princess. In this […]

French Horse Dress Up

    In this very fun and exciting French Horse Dress Up, learn to read French while trying your best to figure out the best horse dressup that you can possibly come up with. In the French language, Corps means the Body, Crins is the Horsehair which includes the Mane and the Tail.  Yeux are […]

Horse Hair Studio

    Inside the Horse Hair Studio, dress up this beautiful white Arabian Horse by dyeing its mane and tail hairs with the right combination of vibrant hues and bright colors.  Use your creative imagination and fashion sense to help you to come up with the perfect combination of hair color patterns. Then try changing […]

Horse Jumping Dress Up

    In this Horse Jumping Dress Up, help this very sassy Cow Girl as she tries to look her very best with the newest and latest Cowgirl Outfits in town.  Try your best to match Cow Girl clothes with the right color combinations to come up with the perfect Cow Girl Outfit that will […]

Horse and Girl Dress Up

      This Horse and this Girl are best of friends.  Both Horse and Girl wanted a makeover before they ride out into the open fields.  You have been tasked as the fashion designer to help them to look their best.  In this Horse and Girl Dress Up Game, try your best to mix […]

Dress Up Your Horse

    Play this very simple horse dressup game for Girls by mixing and matching colors that you think is the best to come up with the perfect Horse Dress Up.  Dress Up Your Horse in the most creative and most colorful way imaginable.  Use different colors and outfits to dress this simple horse and […]

Horse Riding Dress Up

      Learn more about the best and the latest Cow Girl Fashion Wear by mixing and matching different colorful clothes and bright costumes to help this young Cow Girl in attracting the attention of the crowd with her majestic horse.  Help this young maiden to dress up appropriately as a Cow Girl for […]

Cow Girl and Horse Dress Up

    In this very cool Cow Girl and Horse Dress Up Game For Girls, dress up this very chic and sassy Cowgirl into the most daring CowGirl outfit that is both eye-catching and head turning as well.  And then proceed with this very fun horse dressup game by matching the horse’s outfit with that […]

Unicorn Dress Up

    If you love Unicorns and Horses,then this Unicorn Dress Up Game For Girls will surely keep you entertained and will fill you with joy and delight.  Show your designing skills and your ability in mixing and matching the right colors by coming up with the most wonderful Unicorn Dress Up that you can […]

Fantastic Horse

      Join us in play Fantastic Horse Dressup Games for Girls.  Fantastic Horse needs an animal fashion makeover and you have been tasked to help him to look magnificent and fantastic.  In this Horse Dressup Games for Kids,alter the plain colors of the horse’s body as well as the blunt color of his hair, […]

Pretty Pony Dress Up

      In this very exciting Horse Dressup Games for Kids, dress up this very pretty pony into the most enticing attire that will make her stand out from the rest of the other ponies.  Put on the most colorful and the brightest pony outfit that will perfectly match her dandy shoes and glittery […]

CowGirl Dress Up

      Have fun playing this very cute and chic CowGirl Dress Up Game for Girls.  Dress Up Cowgirl Jenny before she goes out into the open range fields to tend to her wonderful horses.  Dress Cowgirl Jenny in the most fashionable and trendy outfits with matching cowgirl boots made with the finest leather. […]

Duck Huntin

        The Duck Hunting Season had just begun!!! All Experienced and Seasoned Hunters of All Ages are all invited to join this very entertaining and very thrilling Duck Huntin’ Adventure.  Make sure to bring your favorite shooting rifles, duck hunting gears, bird callers, and other duck hunting gadgets that will help you […]

Duck Hunting Season

      The Duck Hunting Season is just around the corner!!!  So what are you waiting for?  Come and join us for an awesome duck hunting adventure near the riverside.  As one of the most experienced duck hunters of all times, show off your hunting skills and shooting capabilities for all the world to […]


        In the World of Animal Hunting Games comes Duckmageddon!!!  Experience the adventure and excitement of the duck hunt during this Duck Hunting Season only on Duckmageddon.  Take your best shooting rifle and start the thrill of duck hunting by making sure to shoot a certain number of flying ducks in order […]

Moorhuhn Bird Hunting

        Join us in playing this very entertaining and very interesting Moorhuhn Bird Hunting Game for Kids of All Ages.  Your main goal in this animal hunting games is to use your shooting rifle in shooting as many ducks as you can.  The farther the ducks are from you, the more points […]

Riverside Duck Hunting

        The Duck Hunting Season is Open to all Seasoned Duck Hunters.  Your main animal hunting games objective is to use your shooting rifle to bring down as many ducks as possible within the allowable time frame.  Make sure to be very fast in targeting these ducks and you need to be […]

Duck Hunting Online

        Try playing this Duck Hunting Online Game For Kids Of All Ages in order to improve your animal hunting skills.   Demonstrate how well your reflexes and hand coordination can cope up by shooting at all the incoming and outgoing ducks on your screen.  Make sure to be very accurate, precise, and […]

Autumn Duck Hunting

        As one of the best seasoned Duck Hunters in town, come and join us for the Annual Autumn Duck Hunting Contest.  The Duck Hunting Season had finally arrived and the duck hunt had just begun.  Show your duck hunting skills by shooting as many ducks as you can within the given […]

Animal Hunting Contest

        Are you ready for this Animal Hunting Contest?  Prepare your shooting rifle and get ready to shoot as many animals as you can possibly shoot at the quickest time possible in order to advance to the next levels of this very addicting animal hunting games for kids.  Use your ultimate hunting […]

Bow Hunter Target Challenge

        Do you love to go deer hunting using a bow and arrow?  Do you enjoy Bow Hunting?  If you do,then come and try this very challenging animal hunting games for kids that will surely make you craving for more.  Your main objective in this Bow Hunter Target Challenge is to hit […]

Deer Hunt

      The Deer Hunt is on for this Deer Hunting Season 2014.  Come and join us for the thrill of the deer hunt as deer hunters line up to accept this very exciting and adrenaline gushing deer hunting challenge.  In this animal hunting games for kids of all ages, your main hunting objective […]

Deer Hunter

        As the best Deer Hunter in town, demonstrate your true marksmanship and great shooting skills by targeting as many deers as you can within the allowable time frame.  Shoot as many whitetail deers at the shortest time possible to advance to the more challenging levels of this animal hunting games for […]

Duck Shooter

      Ar u a fond of watching Duck Dynasty?  Are you one of the fans of Duck Dynasty?  If your answer is yes, then you will totally love playing this Duck Shooter Game.  In this animal hunting game, you will have to shoot a specified number of ducks in order to advance to […]

African Animal Hunter

      You are the Ultimate African Animal Hunter and your main animal hunting objective is to shoot as many birds that you can in order to feed your own tribe.  Use your gun wisely in shooting all the flying birds in the air and make sure to conserve your ammunition as well as […]

Animal Creator

          Are you an animal lover?  Do you dream of becoming an animal breeder someday? Now is your chance to demonstrate your animal breeding skills with Animal Creator.  In this very fun and very colorful virtual animal breeding games for kids, showcase your creativity and imaginative mind by coming up with […]

Dragon Adventure

          You are one of the best Animal Breeders in town and so you have been chosen to tame and train this Legendary Dragon.  Try your best to lead this Dragon to his destination safely.  Avoid obstacles along the way and allow him to feed on the good food and nutritious […]

Horse Breeding

          Do you love horses such as black stallions, white Arabian horses, Thoroughbreds, or Mustang Horses?  Learn how to be one of  the best Horse Breeders by helping this young maiden in grooming, feeding, and horses breeding.  In this Horse Breeding Game, try your best to feed the right food and […]

Mutt Breeding

          Do you love breeding mutts or dog breeding mutts?  Mutt Breeding is really exciting, fun, and very easy.  In this dog breeding game for all dog breeders who are into Mutt Breeding, use your creative skill and breeding ability in coming up with the perfect and one-of-a-kind dog breed with […]

Animal Caring

          Do you love taking care of animals?  Are you looking for animal caring jobs?  If you are an animal lover, an animal breeder, or just someone applying for an animal caring job, try your best in practicing how to be effective and efficient in animal caring.  In this Animal Breeding […]

Animal Grooming

          Do you love petting and grooming your pet animals?  You do not need to take Animal Grooming Courses to learn the basic steps of animal grooming.  Come and play this one of a kind and very addictive animal breeding games for kids and learn the proper care of pets as […]

Adopt a Animal

          Do you want to have a dog or a cat for a pet?  Come and Adopt a Animal Now!!!  If you are wanting to become an animal breeder, then now is your time to show your talent in taking care of animals by demonstrating the proper way of taking care […]

Cat Breeder

          Do you love cats and other feline animals that loves to purr and cuddle?  Join us in playing this very addicting pet game for any cat breeder out there.  Show your love for these furry friends by learning the proper way of breeding animals as well as the correct way […]

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